Regal Assets Reviews & Complaints: Is it Legit?

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Many people are concerned about the economy and desperately want to protect their retirement savings. To invest in precious metals, you need a trustworthy gold company to guide you.

There are many companies out there, and it can be challenging to find the right one. Regal Assets is a dealer many consider, but is it a trustworthy company? In this Regal Assets review, we will examine this company in great detail.

We want you to know everything there is to know about Regal Assets and what it offers. From the Regal Assets website to customer reviews about Regal Assets IRA, we have you covered. Make sure to read to the end, where you will get our final verdict on this company that offers alternative assets and IRA options.

What Kind of Company is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is a precious metals company that helps customers invest in both precious metals and alternative assets IRA options. Regal Assets was the first company of its kind to offer investments in crypto IRA accounts.

The company was incorporated on August 11, 2012, and its headquarters are located in Burbank, California. The founder of the company is Tyler Gallagher.

Is Regal Assets Legit?

Regal Assets is a legit company, but that does not mean they are the best. The company has been in operation since 2009 and was once one of the top precious metals IRA companies in the industry before being forced to close. How the mighty have fallen!

At one time, everyone was promoting Regal Assets. They were innovative and offered services other gold IRA companies didn't. Unfortunately, Regal Assets has a lot of skeletons in its closet, and many have found this out the hard way.

Pros & Cons of Regal Assets

When reviewing any company, we try to be as fair and balanced as possible. If you read many Regal Assets reviews, you will find reviewers being forced to revisit their initial promotions because of the latest information uncovered about the company. Below, we will discuss the pros and cons of Regal Assets and their services.



As you can see, it is not looking good for Regal Assets. From what we can tell, the company is no longer operational, which is a good thing. They were caught taking advantage of their customers, and it shows in the many poor ratings they have, including those on consumer rating sites.

Regal Assets Review: Complaints and Lawsuits

Here is where we get to the meat of the problem. Customer reviews are telling about a company, and Regal Assets is no exception. In this Regal Assets review, we want you to be aware of everything, especially the bad.

Our first stop was the Better Business Bureau because we trust their rating system and know them to be fair. In our time reviewing gold IRA companies, we have never seen such a poor rating. Regal Assets has an F rating!

Their customer star rating is only 2.74 out of 5 stars. The company has had 37 closed complaints in the last three years and 34 in the last 12 months. Many of the complaints have gone unanswered.

One complaint alleges the company stole over a million dollars that were to be transferred from a 401K to Regal. The metals never arrived at the depository, and the customer could not reach the company.

Unfortunately, this same complaint is featured over and over in customer reviews. It appears Regal Assets was taking customers' money and never delivering the precious metals. Customers cannot even reach Regal Assets representatives or get any answers. Regal has simply closed up shop and is no longer answering calls or responding to complaints.

Many customers have been forced to get lawyers. Because these are private cases, we cannot find information on the outcomes. Regal Assets has defrauded customers out of millions and possibly billions of dollars!

Most gold IRA companies work tirelessly to help their customers, but Regal Assets simply helped themselves to the hard-earned money of their customers. People lost money from their retirement portfolio, some lost their life savings. Regal Assets offers no explanation.

We also checked out Regal Assets Trustpilot. Regal Assets has a “Bad” rating with 1.5 stars out of 5, based on 30 reviews. The customer reviews were very much like those on the BBB.

Our final stop was the Business Consumer Alliance website. Here, we found Regal Assets has an F rating. Surprisingly, the company has a 5-star rating based on 57 customer reviews. The website reports the company only has a 14% resolution index score.

It seems problems begin to arise around 2020. All customers are left to believe is that Tyler Gallagher and his partners took the money and ran.

Tyler Gallagher and his cohorts should be ashamed of their actions. This company promised to deliver IRA-approved products and never followed through. They promised financial freedom but only imprisoned people in debt.

On the surface, Tyler Gallagher seemed like an honest, hard-working, up-and-coming professional. He was featured on Forbes, had celebrity endorsements, and made millions. What happened?

As we investigated each Regal Assets lawsuit, we found time and time again that customers were scammed. Tyler and his team seemed to target the elderly. Some gave him everything they had, thinking the Regal Assets CEO would help them invest in precious metals.

One teacher was nearing retirement, and now she cannot retire or even afford a car because of this company. Companies like Regal Assets are the reason we caution our readers to research carefully before getting involved with any precious metals dealers.

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What Services Did Regal Assets Offer?

On the surface, Regal seemed like an impressive company. They partnered with the best, such as Brinks Global Services. Tyler Gallagher Regal Assets seemed like an expert who truly wanted to help. As we have discovered, looks can be deceiving.

Try to visit Regal, and you will not find it online. Regal Assets Group Holding LTD appears to be dissolved. Did they shut down overnight or gradually withdraw? Let's discuss the services they offered when they were open.

Cryptocurrencies are what set Regal Assets LLC apart from the rest. They were the pioneer in getting cryptocurrency IRAs operational. Since then, other companies have followed suit. Cryptocurrencies Regal Assets Allowed There is no more Regal Assets company, but we would still like to inform our readers of what this company offered and how it operated. The following are some of the precious metals offered by Regal Assets:
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Aave
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Maker
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Zcash

The Regal IRA was also a first of its kind. A hybrid IRA allows you to invest in precious metals and cryptocurrencies within the same IRA. We are currently researching to learn about other companies that may be offering a similar approach to Regal IRA investing.

Regal Assets also offered investment packages to its customers. These packages ranged in price from $5,000 to $250,000. When in operation, the company offered six investment packages that contained pre-selected precious metals.

Like most gold companies, Regal Assets offered a buy-back program. The program allowed customers to sell their gold upon retirement. Regal Assets promised to offer fair and competitive prices.

When we read reviews regarding Regal Assets, many customers talked about never receiving their promised funds. Since Regal Assets was supposed to be an alternative asset investment firm, we had high hopes. What is so strange is that the company was tops for so many years. What happened to Regal Assets?

Of course, the company also offered plenty of precious metals. Most of the offerings were IRA-approved for a gold IRA. People were purchasing precious metals for their retirement accounts.

Some offerings included Canadian Maple Leaf coins, American Gold Eagle coins, bars, and more. This gold IRA company seemed to offer it all. They even presented alternative assets. If customers wanted gold and silver, they would find what they wanted with ease.

Regal Assets sold the following precious metals:

  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic
  • Gold South African Krugerrand
  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Gold Brittania

Just because Regal Assets turned out to be a scam and closed does not mean you should give up on securing your retirement accounts. Precious metals IRAs are still the best way to diversify your investment portfolios and hedge against inflation.

Institutional investors recommend investing in gold IRAs because they offer tax advantages. A precious metals IRA gives you the freedom to invest in a variety of different precious metal options, including physical gold, gold ETFs, gold Futures, gold mining stocks, and more.

Investing in gold gives your retirement accounts a boost. If your current retirement account is dropping in value, investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies can help you better prepare for retirement age without worry.

Fees Charged By Regal Assets

While it may seem a moot point now that the company is closed, it never hurts to learn about precious metals IRAs and the fees associated with them. We offer information on the fees charged by Regal Assets below.

Regal Assets did not charge any fees for their account setup services. They offered various waiver periods for customers. After the waiver period, the customer would then pay a flat fee.

When working with Regal Assets, you would pay $215 a year, which included segregated vault storage. The $215 also covered custodianship services.

Holding cryptocurrencies in an IRA requires a .005% fee each month. They charged this fee when you held cryptocurrencies and precious metals in the same account.

What is the Minimum Investment Amount?

Regal Assets required a minimum of between $5,000 to $10,000 because they said they wanted to help more customers have the ability to invest. Many people were drawn to Regal Assets because of the low investment minimums.

Investors were also interested in the unique Regal Assets IRA that allowed them to invest in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Now many of those people are turning to companies like American Hartford Gold and Augusta Precious Metals.

Why Precious Metal Investments?

Do not let one bad apple destroy your desire to invest in gold. While you can no longer pursue a Regal Assets IRA, there are plenty of other options. The right gold IRA company can help you invest in IRA-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Consider the following reasons for investing in gold.

Can You Trust Regal Assets?

You absolutely cannot trust Regal Assets with your gold IRA. Since you can no longer open a Regal Gold IRA account, it's essential to find other options. Regal Assets Canada is not the only gold company in the world.

Always vet companies before opening accounts. Regal Assets, unlike reputable precious metals investment companies, did not take care of their customers. Regal Assets ratings prove the company harmed its customers in many ways.

If you had a Regal IRA account, you are urged to get legal help if you were scammed out of money. You may be entitled to compensation for the Regal Assets affiliate program.

How to Spot a Scam

In light of these allegations coming forth, we think it is more critical than ever to warn our readers about scams. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there in the precious metals industry.

People are seeking smart money and a financial freedom future approach, which can leave them vulnerable to falling for scams. The following are some red flags to consider:

The Best Gold IRA Companies: Alternatives to Regal Assets

Now that we know Regal Assets is not a good company and is out of business, it's time to examine the alternatives. Thankfully, you do not have to put your IRA transfer into the hands of unscrupulous people like Tyler and his crew.

The following are some of the top gold companies in the industry. These companies offer gold coins and much more. Each one has stellar customer service records and many offer partner vault storage provider options.

American Hartford Gold is a California-based precious metals company. AHG opened its doors in 2012 and specializes in providing its customers with advice on investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

If you read reviews about American Hartford Gold, you will quickly see they are much different than what Regal Assets offers. Customers brag about how helpful the customer service team is.

Goldco is a precious metals company located in Los Angeles, California. Goldco offers exemplary service with practices based on high ethical standards. They deliver a more intuitive experience than Regal Assets offers.

If you are interested in investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, Goldco is a company to consider. They will help you select bullion bars and coins for your gold IRA.

Augusta Precious Metals is another trusted gold company. Unlike Regal Assets, you will not have to worry about being scammed. Augusta Precious Metals does not use a high-pressure sales approach, so you won't have to worry as you did with Leah Donoso Regal Assets.

Augusta Precious Metals is committed to providing a seamless approach to helping its customers invest in gold. Augusta has taken on many of Regal's customers after the downfall. These customers need help because they fell victim to the Regal coin scam.

Birch Gold Group focuses on helping customers diversify their investment portfolios. They help you convert your retirement account to a gold IRA. Unlike the BBB Regal Assets page, you will find Birch has an exemplary record.

Customers rely on Birch Gold Group to help them make wise investments. After reading Regal Assets' complaints, it is a nice change of pace to see a company that truly cares about its customers.

Noble Gold Investments is a gold IRA company that sells physical gold. Unlike the Regal Assets gold IRA, you won't have to worry about being scammed.

Noble Gold helps its customers invest in gold. Once they make a purchase, the customer's gold is sent to their chosen depository promptly. Although they do not offer other alternative assets, they deliver a range of bullion bars and coins.

As you can see, there are much better choices for gold IRA investments, such as those above and Advantage Gold. You should not have to worry about a company scamming you.

In this Regal Assets Canada review, we have exposed this fraudulent company. Although they offered some innovative services, including the Regal Coin Wallet, there are far better companies out there that will help you protect your investment.


Many people have questions about this company, including where are the Regal Assets locations and what is Regal Assets. People are more concerned about the stock market than ever. If you want to diversify your investment portfolios and protect your retirement funds, investing in precious metals is a good choice.

Regal Assets is a legit business that was scamming its customers out of millions of dollars. The company was in business since 2009 but began having problems in 2020. The total account holdings for the company dropped dramatically, and they went out of business and seemingly disappeared overnight.

You could invest in platinum, palladium, silver, and gold with Regal Assets, but they are no longer operating. The company has multiple lawsuits against it, which likely prompted Regal Assets to go out of business quickly.

Regal Assets charged hidden fees that customers could not understand. The company scammed customers out of millions of dollars and is under investigation.

Consumer Beware!

We are fairly certain you are no longer interested in opening a Regal IRA. As you read Regal Assets reviews, you will quickly realize why this company is rated so poorly.

Although Regal offered alternative asset IRAs and used an IRS-approved depository, they did not help their customers invest in smart money. The company broke the IRS tax rules and the law. If you have an existing IRA, you should never trust it to companies like Regal.

The Regal Assets store is now closed. They no longer offer silver bullion bars or coins.

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