Goldco Reviews & Complaints: Is This Company a Scam?

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Goldco Reviews & Complaints : Is it Legit?

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Last Updated: June 18, 2024

Goldco is a company dedicated to providing the public with educational materials and guidance that help them invest in a precious metals IRA. In this review, we will break down all the details about Goldco and the services it has offered for over a decade. In this Goldco review, we will ensure you get all the facts, including those that may not be favorable to the company.

What Kind of Company Is Goldco: What Do They Offer?

Goldco Precious Metals Company helps its customers invest in gold IRAs and other physical precious metals. Goldco is one of the top wealth protection firms in the United States.

With a Goldco IRA, you can diversify your investment portfolio and secure your financial future.

What Should You Know About Goldco?

While reading this Goldco review, you probably have questions, such as “Is Goldco legit?”, “Is Goldco a good company?”, or even “Is Goldco reputable?” We have spent countless hours scouring the internet for information on the company.

Keep reading this Goldco review, and you will learn answers to your questions about the company, such as “Where is Goldco located?” We will provide all the facts you need to decide if this wealth protection firm suits your investment account needs.

The company first started in 2006 with the goal of selling precious metals while adopting a business-to-business model. In 2011, the current owner took control. Once Trevor Gerszt took the helm, the company began to skyrocket to success.

When you read reviews about Goldco, it is clear that the company focuses on customer service. They maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. These are the top ratings that companies can achieve with both sites.

We urge you to read Goldco Precious Metals reviews on Glassdoor and Trustpilot because actual customers have written these reviews. You will quickly discover the company has many positive customer reviews.

This wealth management firm has over 16 years of experience serving the needs of its customers. Gerszt and the team at Goldco continue to offer the highest level of customer service, which shows in everything they do. Read Goldco Direct LLC reviews, and it becomes evident what kind of company you are dealing with.

Not only will the company help you with appropriate precious metals investments, but they also offer a generous buyback program. When you get ready to cash in, they will buy your precious metals from you without hassles.


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Excellent customer service from precious metals experts.

Is Goldco a Legitimate Company?

The company has garnered over 500,000 positive reviews at the time of this writing. They have thousands of highly satisfied customers, which is why ratings for Goldco have soared.

Goldco is a legit company you can rely on to help you with all your precious metals investment needs. The Goldco owner personally ensures every customer is happy with their services.

If you ask, “is Goldco a reputable company?” you need not worry. You can feel confident entrusting this wealth management firm with your financial future. Given the stock market volatility, now is a great time to get started with gold IRA companies.

How Do Companies Like Goldco Make Money?

Goldco helps its customers purchase precious metals, and the proceeds from their gold coins and other precious metals bring in their revenue. They sell a wide array of precious metal products, including the Silver American Eagle.

How Does Goldco Stand Out From the Rest?

Because of its ethical business practices, transparency, and high level of customer service, Goldco stands out from the rest. They help customers with every step in the process. From the moment you transfer funds, they will be there to help you with your traditional retirement accounts.

With this wealth management firm, you have many options. They can help you easily set up a new IRA precious metals account. You can also roll over your existing account. They will help you purchase IRA-approved gold and qualified precious metals to ensure you meet the requirements of the IRS.

Read their reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Check the Goldco BBB rating and check out their website at Remember to check Goldco Direct Glassdoor ratings as well. These will give you reasons why this company continues to surpass its competitors.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Goldco Precious Metals

Goldco has set the bar so high that other companies simply cannot compete. The moment you visit the Goldco website, you can tell they are different. Allowing them to manage account assets for you offers advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.



What Are Their Products and Services?

Goldco helps its customers with their precious metals IRA needs. Whether you have a gold or silver IRA, they offer integral services. The company's goal is to help its customers achieve financial freedom and assist them in better understanding the precious metals market. If you want to know about their services, keep reading below.

Precious Metals IRA

Although the company offers many services, its precious metals IRA guidance draws customers in. When you join the company, you will be given access to a seasoned investment representative that will help you with your gold and silver IRAs. The company works with the following types of precious metals IRAs:

Buyers of Gold and Silver

Once you have purchased coins and bars for your precious metals IRA, you must wait until retirement age before withdrawing any contributions. Once you decide to cash in your Goldco precious metals IRA, the company makes things simple. They will not give their customers any hassles when buying back gold and silver.

The company buys gold and silver at competitive prices. Not all gold companies offer buyback programs for gold and silver. Some create hassles for customers who want to cash in their precious metals.

The Goldco approach is streamlined. Once you decide to sell your silver coins or want to get started selling gold, you will not have to worry about the process or about being taken advantage of by the company.


Best Alternatives To Goldco in 2024

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Sellers of Precious Metal Products

Goldco is a precious metals broker. They sell a wide array of gold IRA-approved coins, silver IRA-approved coins, and tons of physical gold options.

Their prices are fair and competitive. There is no better place to shop when you are interested in buying precious metals. You can purchase gold freedom for your personal storage needs and other precious metal IRAs.

They sell gold at the best prices and even offer Goldco free silver for some purchases. They are best known for their wide selection of IRS-approved gold.

Educators of the Public

Educating the public about gold IRA investments is what the Goldco Group does best. If you read reviews on Goldco Trustpilot, it is clear to see many people are happy with the educational opportunities afforded to them.

The company wants you to feel confident investing in Goldco gold and silver. They also want you to feel peace of mind knowing their brokerage services are second to none.

Rollover 401K to Gold Services

The company offers frequent fee refund promotions on fiat currencies, gold and silver coins, and bars. The easiest way to invest in precious metals is through an existing 401K. Simply contact your account administrator to start the process.

Once your Goldco IRA is funded, you can begin purchasing precious metals for your gold IRA account. The reason so many people trust this wealth management firm is that they hold your hand every step of the way through the process of working with precious metals IRAs.

Glowing Celebrity Ambassadors and Endorsements

Not all gold IRA companies have celebrities involved. While the endorsement of these celebrities does not constitute financial advice, it encourages many people to trust Goldco with their retirement savings account.

When you join team Goldco, one of the first things you should view is the Chuck Norris Goldco commercial. You will also learn about other celebrities involved with the company, including the following:

These celebrities work tirelessly to share insight on Goldco and how they help with gold IRAs and precious metals IRAs. Based on their involvement and customer reviews, you will not find a better company for your gold or silver IRA.

Check out the Better Business Bureau and see what is said about the company. If you need help with your retirement account or traditional IRA, Goldco is the answer.

What Should You Know About the Fees?

Before you seek Goldco for help with your retirement account, you need to know the fees involved. The only problem is that you cannot easily find this information on their website. If you call the Goldco phone number, a representative will be happy to break down the fee schedule.

The following are the fees charged by Goldco Investing

If you research “what is Goldco” and check out Goldco Direct reviews, you will find these fees are on par with their competitors. As mentioned, the company has a minimum of $25,000 to start investing.

The annual service fee starts at $175 and rises to $225 or higher once your account reaches $100,000. This fee schedule is very similar to other wealth management companies.

When you read BBB Goldco reviews, you will quickly see most customers feel the fees are fair. You will also need to pay custodian fees for your depository.

Company Reviews and Complaints

When seeking professional help for your precious metals funded IRAs, you need to know the good, bad, and ugly about a company. This is not the time to risk putting your financial future in the hands of scam artists.

Thankfully, you will not have to worry about Goldco in that regard. Although no company can please every customer with brokerage services, you will find very few Goldco Precious Metals complaints. In fact, the few Goldco complaints we discovered in our research had all been resolved by the company.

Lawsuits and Settlements

Finding out a company has a lot of lawsuits can be frightening. In our research, we only came across a single lawsuit incident and no Goldco class action lawsuit.

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the Goldco direct settlement was in no way related to the services provided to its customers. The lawsuit resulted from the way the company was sending out text messages.

There is no Goldco direct qualified settlement fund to worry over. We do not know if the judge will accept the lawsuit brought against the company. We will update our readers when we learn more. Search for the Goldco lawsuit if you are concerned.

How Do You Get Started?

Getting started with a precious metals IRA could not be easier with Goldco. You can carry out the steps online or via telephone.

You will need to provide identifying information, such as your social security number. Once your gold or silver IRA is funded, and you have opened an account with Goldco, you are ready to go. You can begin purchasing IRS-approved precious metals for your precious metals IRA.

They will help you proceed with your gold IRA and diversify your investment portfolio. Investing in a Goldco gold IRA could not be easier. They even help you secure gold storage options with low custodian fees.

Open Your Goldco Precious Metals IRA First

Before starting with any gold IRA company, you must open your self-directed IRA first. Once you have a precious metals IRA and it is funded, you will be ready to get started with Goldco.

You have multiple options for your gold IRA. Once you make purchases, you can ask about the Goldco free coin. The company also offers other promotions.

Free Goldco IRS Loophole Guide

To avoid paying taxes, you need the company's IRS Loophole Guide. This guide is packed with solid information you can implement immediately.

Reading this guide can help you avoid paying taxes on your self-directed IRA. The Goldco IRA loophole is an excellent educational guide. The company has been so successful that Goldco stock is booming.

Goldco Review: FAQ

Even with our extensive information, you may have further questions. Read the information below to get answers to your questions.

Goldco has no say in the precious metals people can purchase for their IRA. The IRS sets forth the rules. Because they have so many IRS-approved precious metal options, you will not have to worry.
You cannot take physical ownership of your precious metals. Goldco has partnered with some of the best depositories in the industry for safe storage options.
You can invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium as long as they meet the purity guidelines from the IRS.
When you retire and are ready to cash in, Goldco offers an easy buyback program. They provide their customers with fair and competitive prices.

Bottom Line

You have plenty of options for wealth management companies. We feel Goldco is one of the best companies in the industry because of its full focus on customer service. If you read reviews, it is clear that most people are very happy with the company's services.

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