ICC Coin Review: Pros & Cons, What You Should Know

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Last Updated: May 17, 2024

Once you realize the importance of investing in precious metals, you will likely start looking for coin dealers to help you grow your collection, whether privately or through a gold IRA.

As investing in precious metals increases in popularity, hundreds of dealers are popping up in the industry, and it can sometimes become challenging to know which ones to trust to purchase coins.

ICC Coin is one of those companies where you can buy precious metals and have them shipped to your door.

We are here to provide factual information on this precious metals company so our readers can make the right decision for their investment needs.

Not all precious metals companies are created equal, and some use underhanded business tactics and have many customer complaints.

Can you trust ICC Coin? Are they a legitimate company? We invite you to research our ICCoin reviews to learn more about this company.

We explain the company's customer service approach and answer all your questions. Keep reading until the very end to get our final verdict about ICC Coin.

What Kind of Company Is ICC Coin?

ICC Coin stands for International Coins and Currency. The company has been in operation since 1975 and sells to customers worldwide.

The company offers various mix-n-match sets and United States coins. The website is easy to navigate and lets you purchase precious metals and have them shipped directly to your home.

The coins offered are constantly changing, so we recommend checking back often. Coin collectors will find the inventory pleasing.

Where Are They Located?

ICC Coin is headquartered at 62 Ridge St. in Montpelier, Vermont. They do not have a brick-and-mortar location, but you can purchase from their coin menus online.

We will discuss the inventory of nickels, cents, commemoratives, and other coins later. We will also tell you how to purchase coins from the website.

Who Owns and Operates ICC Coin?

Richard W. Thurston is the president and CEO of ICC Coin. There needs to be more information on other team members, but the BBB reports ICC Coin has 11 employees.

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What Do ICCoin Reviews Say?

Customer complaints and reviews are critical for helping you learn about a company and what it offers.

Companies with many negative reviews should prompt you to proceed cautiously. Never entrust your hard-earned money to a company that could be a scam.

Our first stop was the Better Business Bureau because we trust this site to report problems to the public. ICC Coin has been accredited by the BBB since 1987, and they have an A+ rating at the time of this writing.

They have closed two complaints in the last three years and none in the previous 12 months. One complaint alleged the customer returned a coin and was never refunded. ICC Coin responded and gave the refund.

The other complaint alleged the company overcharged a customer. ICC Coin responded again and said they had returned the money to the customer. Other than the two complaints, there are no customer reviews, which is odd for a company that has been in business for so long.

We also checked the Business Consumer Alliance website and found no profile under ICC Coin or International Coins and Currency. This is not necessarily a red flag.

Yelp gives ICC Coin only 1.7 out of 5 stars. While the company has some glowing ICCoin reviews, there are also a lot of customer complaints.

The following are some common complaints from customers:

After sifting through the many complaints on various consumer and review sites, we were concerned. One of the resounding themes we saw repeatedly was customers complaining of rude staff members.

Companies with poor customer service are a dime a dozen, but this is not something you want to experience when investing in coins and currency. You want to know the company representatives will be kind, courteous, and knowledgeable.

ICC Coin needs to evaluate its current employees and do better for customers, or it could see a dramatic drop in its sales. Poor customer service can kill a company quickly.

Pros & Cons

There is good and bad with every company. We like to weigh a company's pros and cons before purchasing I Silver Eagle, other starter coins, or world coins.



Is ICC Coin a Scam?

ICC Coin is not a scam. They are a legitimate company, but that does not mean they are a good one.

The company has been in business since 1975 and would have been shut down long before if it were violating laws.

Just because a company may not break any laws does not mean they are trustworthy. After reading countless negative customer reviews, trusting this company with our money is scary, whether we want to buy Silver Dollars or gold-plated nickel.

Many negative reviews signify that companies do not care about their customers. We do not care how many gold coins the company offers; if they cannot deliver sound customer service, we must look elsewhere for a Silver Washington Quarter dealer.

ICC Coin Customer Service

ICC Coin appears to have a horrible customer service team. Customers have complained about being talked down to and treated rudely. Some have asked for managers and got the same rude responses from them.

Most complaints state the customer brought their problems to the customer service team and received no response or an unsatisfactory one. Some customers never had their issues resolved with their purchased coin collection.

Customer service is especially critical for those new to investing in mint sets. New investors need guidance to help them purchase coins for their precious metals IRAs.

It is especially critical to receive sound guidance on early coinage dollars so you can rest assured you are paying for valuable pieces instead of junk.

What Kinds of Precious Metals Do They Sell?

ICC Coin sells a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They offer an assortment of United States coins and currency, including the following:

The company is reasonable in its prices and has a Bargain Vault and Deals of the Month section. If you purchase precious metals from ICC Coin, check back often because they get new inventory in regularly.

ICC Coin Offers Coin Collecting Supplies

ICC Coin also offers coin-collecting supplies, including albums half dollar folder options and albums penny folders.

After you buy coins, you can check out their supplies, such as direct-fit capsules, storage boxes, and half-dollar holders. Remember your coin books for Silver Eagles.

Does ICC Coin Sell World Coins and International Coins?

ICC Coin does sell world coins and international coins. They also sell rare coins.

One exciting find we discovered on the website was a 16th to 17th-century Dutch Lion Silver Daalder. They also offer ancient coins, Widow's Mite, and a Bible Ancient Coin.

How Do You Purchase Coins From ICC Coin?

If you want to purchase National Uncirculated Park Quarters or other coins, such as American Silver Eagles, you must register for an account first.

Next, browse the inventory, find the pair prestige proof or other coins you want to purchase, and add each to your cart.

Click on checkout now and input your shipping address and payment. As a word of caution, many customers have complained that ICC Coin will only ship to their billing address.

Ensure you can receive packages at your billing address before proceeding with your order of Calgary Silver Dollars or other bargain vault items.

What Are the Payment Options?

ICC Coin accepts various payment options, including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, and American Express. They do not accept cash payments, checks, or money orders.

Get Help From ICC Coins

If you need assistance, you can call 1-800-451-4463 and speak with a customer service agent for help.

How Does ICC Coin Ship Orders?

If your order totals more than $499, it ships for free. For all other orders, you can select the following shipping methods.

International and Canadian Shipments

They also ship internationally, but you can expect shipping delays of up to three to four weeks because your ordered items must go through customs.

Canadian orders cost $16.95, and international orders require a $30 shipping fee.

Does ICC Coin Insure Their Shipments?

We could not confirm if ICC Coin insures their shipments, though we assume they would. They do require customers to insure any returns, so it would not make sense for them to not insure their shipments to customers.

Return & Refund Policy

ICC Coin offers a 30-day no-risk at-home examination period for any orders. Please note that special order items only have a ten-day return policy.

You must receive a return authorization number from ICC Coin, and then you will receive an email with return instructions.

You must include a letter inside the package stating the reason for your return and whether you want an exchange or refund.

Package Your Returns Carefully

Package all returns carefully. The buyer is responsible for insurance and shipping costs.

If you purchased a set, the entire set must be returned. The coins cannot be returned if removed from their certified cases. Do not clean coins. Ensure they are returned in their original unaltered state.

Whether you purchase world coins, half dollars, or modern coins, you must follow the above return policy. Read the terms and conditions before buying half dollars so you will know the steps to take if you need to make a return.

What Makes ICC Coin Stand Out From Its Competitors?

One thing that distinguishes ICC Coin from its competitors is its generous return policy. You will not find many companies that allow you to try out uncirculated silver half dollars in your home for a full 30 days risk-free.

Coin collectors appreciate the generous risk-free return policy when purchasing uncirculated brilliant Silver Eagles because it allows them to have the coins graded by professional numismatists before they commit. Many precious metals IRA companies do not offer this kind of return policy that is favorable to the buyer.

Are There Alternatives to ICC Coin?

There are many alternatives to ICC Coin, including American Hartford Gold, Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, Birch Gold Group, and Noble. Unlike ICC Coin, these gold dealers also offer precious metals IRAs to help people invest in their futures.

FAQ About ICC Coin

We have been as thorough as possible in providing information about ICC Coin and its operations. We receive many questions from readers and try to answer as many of them as possible.

ICC Coin does sell legitimate currency, even though some reviewers have accused them of selling damaged coins. One customer complained about deep scratches in some half-dollars, quarters, dimes, and nickels they bought. You should be able to expect perfection when you buy a proof Silver Eagle.

ICC Coin does not offer investment options, such as companies like American Hartford Gold. Although you can create your own investment strategies by purchasing international coins, currency, and collectibles from ICC Coin, they cannot guide your purchases.

ICC Coin does not offer gold IRA services. They are only selling coins at this point and do not offer any buyback program, even if you want to sell international coins currency you bought from the company. Keep this in mind before buying to save yourself hassles.

ICC Coin is a safe platform to purchase uncirculated Washington Silver Quarters and other coins, but their customer service could be better. Use caution when you buy a half-dollar pair, and ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the return policy before purchasing.

You cannot sell coins to ICC Coins because they do not buy them, even if you have Morgan Silver Dollars uncirculated. Other companies, such as American Hartford Gold or Goldco, offer generous buyback programs allowing customers to cash in.

Our Final Thoughts: Is ICC Coin Worth Your Time?

ICC Coin has been around for almost 50 years since this writing. The company has stood the test of time despite having a continuously poor customer service rating.

ICC Coin offers a variety of exciting coin options, including old-world coins and coin-collecting supplies like albums half-dollar folders. Although they are one of the oldest coin dealers, we are concerned about their poor customer service rating.

Although ICC Coin is undoubtedly a legitimate company, we cannot recommend it to our readers because of the many negative customer reviews. People are quick to warn others when they have received poor service, which often occurs in smaller gold dealers who lack a proper customer service response team.

We feel there are far better options out there to help you invest in gold and other precious metal coins. Companies like American Hartford Gold and Goldco also offer the benefit of assisting customers to invest in precious metals IRAs.

No matter which coin dealer you purchase from, make sure to carry out research. Know who you are buying from and their terms and conditions for returns. Keep your investments safe by selecting the best gold dealer available.

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