Acre Gold Review: Pros Cons, Is it Legit?

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Last Updated: April 13, 2024

As you progress toward investing in precious metals, you will begin hearing about many gold companies. Unfortunately, not all are created equal, and some are scams. You are likely reading this Acre Gold review to learn if it is a legitimate company or one you should avoid.

This Acre Gold review offers everything you need to know about investing in physical gold with Acre Gold. We will tell you what customers are saying, how the company works, and how much their subscription plans cost.

We have researched carefully to learn everything we can about Acre Gold's customer support team. Keep reading to learn more about Acre Gold.

Is this subscription-based service worth your time, or should you buy gold and other precious metals from another, more reputable dealer?

What Kind of Company Is Acre Gold?

Acre Gold is a precious metal company that also offers a customer platform. You can join their subscription plan or make outright purchases. This subscription service and platform started in 2019, and the company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

You can purchase gold bullion one payment at a time with the subscription plan. Acre Gold helps people diversify their portfolio a little at a time without experiencing financial stress.

Acre Gold partners with fintech companies to make it possible for almost everyone to get involved in buying gold assets.

They sell gold of uncommon purity, at around 99.9%. Unlike other precious metal companies, Acre Gold focuses solely on selling gold.

They cut the fluff and offer a straightforward approach to their subscription model. These precious metal brokers offer you an investment strategy most gold investors have never experienced.

Acre Gold's Management Team

Brendon McQueen and Jason Choi founded Acre Gold, and the two lead the management team. Each one has an extensive background in investing in precious metals.

The team worked to raise an impressive $10 million to fund their efforts to unseat the current norms in the gold industry by offering an unheard-of at-the-time “layaway program” to help everyone have access to gold offered at the current market value.

Acre Gold Customer Reviews

We advise all gold investors to research companies carefully before purchasing precious metals. Buying without research can cost you. Customer reviews and ratings are very telling about gold companies.

We scour the Internet and access as many materials as possible on a company to give you an accurate picture of what they offer customers. Are customers happy with the Acre Gold website and its services?

Our first stop was the Better Business Bureau. We were concerned when we saw the company only has a 2.5 out of 5-star customer rating.

The company has been accredited since 2/21/23. Acre Gold has an A+ rating on the BBB, but there have been 51 complaints filed in the last three years and 9 in the previous 12 months. We will talk about the customer complaints below.

Acre Gold has 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play store. The Apple Store rates them at 4.5 stars. These reviews are based on the company's platform.

Our research on various platforms showed many unhappy customers and accusations that Acre Gold deleted negative comments. We have no way to confirm if these accusations are true.

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Are There Any Acre Gold Complaints?

As mentioned above, many customer complaints have been found throughout our research on Acre Gold's business dealings. Some of the resounding complaint topics include the following:

We read through all customer complaints and found most talked about the above subjects. Many customers feel Acre Gold's customer service department is lacking, and many are upset that they cannot call and speak to anyone about problems with their accounts or orders.

Customers can only email and must wait days to hear back from the customer support team. Many people wish there was a dedicated customer service number to call.

The company responds to every single customer complaint and claims most of the customer complaints are incorrect, reportedly showing proof. It is essential to note that the California Attorney General's Office sued Acre Gold in January of 2023. The California Attorney General's Office claims the company has misled and made false statements to customers.

Is Acre Gold Legit?

Acre Gold legit questions pop up often when people are looking for information on this gold company. We can say without a doubt that the company is not a scam, but that does not mean they do not use underhanded business practices.

We want to caution people to do their own research and dig deep into the business operations of this company. As we progress further into this Acre Gold review, we uncover problems that make us question the company's customer support and operations.

Acre Gold Pros & Cons

We believe in providing balanced information to help readers learn the good, bad, and even ugly about a company. We want you to know the pros and cons as a part of our Acre Gold review.



How Does It Work?

Most people want to know how Acre Gold works before investing in physical gold. In this Acre Gold review, we want to provide this information to our readers so you can decide on paying toward a physical gold bar with Acre Gold.

Read this before you buy a gold bar from the company:

Monthly Fees for the Subscription Plans

You have three subscription options, depending on the weight. The lower the payment plan cost, the longer you will pay on your subscription and receive your gold bar in the mail. You will not find any information on pricing for each bar because the market value fluctuates frequently.

The Acre Gold 2.5-gram bar subscription model requires you to pay $50 monthly. You pay your monthly payment until your account reaches the current retail value of a 2.5-gram gold bar. You must pay a one-time membership fee of $12 before signing up for the 2.5-gram gold bar subscription.

The 5-gram gold bar subscription model requires a $100 monthly payment. Like all other subscription memberships from Gold Acre, you will receive your 5-gram bar when your account has enough funds to purchase it at its current market value, along with the shipping and fulfillment fees.

With gold prices constantly fluctuating, informing you how long you must pay before receiving your bar would be challenging.

Acre Gold also offers ten-gram bars. You are going to pay more in monthly payments for this larger bar. The monthly subscription payment is $250.

Once you reach the account threshold, they will send your bar. Remember that you cannot buy gold until you pay the one-time membership fee of $12.

Physical Gold Purchases

You can make outright purchases if you do not want to subscribe. Acre Gold has a Buy It Now section with limited offerings. You can purchase the same bars in the subscription plans, including the following:

We will not quote prices on these bars because they change frequently based on the current retail value. They offer free domestic shipping.

Digital Gold Redemptions

Acre Gold has a digital gold page, but no products were listed. We do not know if they once had digital gold products or not. We will continue to research and update you when we learn new information.

Acre Gold Sends Customer Progress Email Reports

Acre Gold promises to send customers regular email progress reports to update them on the progress of their account threshold pursuits. Reportedly, the company sends these emails after collecting each monthly subscription payment.

As you will see when you read customer reviews, many say they never receive their progress emails. The company always responds by showing proof they sent them. Perhaps the emails are going to the customers' spam boxes. We cannot offer proof one way or the other.

What Are the Benefits of the Acre Gold Monthly Subscription Plan?

You may find the Acre Gold monthly subscription attractive if you do not have enough money to invest upfront. A subscription model can help you pay a little at a time, making obtaining precious metals like gold bars easier.

How Long Will It Take to Obtain a Gold Bar?

We cannot tell you how long it will take to obtain your gold bar because it depends on your monthly payment and the spot price. Most customers report it takes a few months to receive each bar.

What Happens When Customers Reach The Designated Threshold?

There is a constantly changing threshold for the subscription plans. Once you reach the designated threshold, Acre Gold will send your bar to your home.

Remember that many factors go into the spot price of gold, including the stock market and gold market demands. You may notice you can meet your threshold faster than others, depending on the time of year.

How Does Acre Gold's Customer Portal Work?

Most people are not impressed with the Acre Gold customer portal. It is the most basic of portals, so it has a low rating on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Many customers complain they cannot contact the company through the customer portal. You can only access your account.

Once you join Acre Gold, you can download the customer portal and view your Acre Gold account.

Acre Gold's Customer Service Team

There are mixed reviews on the Acre Gold customer service associates. Some customers give glowing reviews about the team, and others say they wait a long time to hear back from team members and find their questions and problems going unanswered and unresolved.

We have read more negative reviews about customer service team problems than glowing reviews. Most precious metal brokers strive for excellent customer service, but we are not convinced that Acre Gold delivers.

Acre Gold's Cancellation Policy

Acre Gold has a solid cancellation policy, but that does not mean you can cancel easily. The following are some of the rules involved in their cancellation policy.

We have read reports of customers attempting to cancel their subscriptions and never hearing back or receiving a refund.

Does Acre Gold Offer a Referral Program?

Acre Gold offers a referral program. There is little information on compensation, but the program allows people and other companies to promote Acre Gold on their websites and social media accounts.

If you refer a person to Acre Gold, and they make a purchase, you can earn a commission. LeadDybo powers the Acre Gold affiliate program. We are unsure if the monthly subscriptions unlock commissions for referrers.

Alternatives to Acre Gold

If you want to buy precious metals, you must know Acre Gold is only in the gold investment industry. They sell gram gold bullion and do not offer palladium services buying.

Many gold IRA companies are out there, but few, if any, offer layaway services to help you buy gram gold bullion, as Acre Gold provides. By now, you are probably concerned about Acre Gold's business practices, even if you are interested in their monthly subscription model, and we cannot blame you.

Let's talk about some better alternatives that can help you buy physical gold directly. It is essential to find a company that offers fair middle-ground pricing.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned and operated company. They can help diversify your investment strategy to protect against stock market losses.

The company opened its doors in 2015, focusing on superior customer service and a commitment to selling the finest IRA-approved gold and silver products.

Sanford Mann owns the company and serves as the current CEO. The company has high ratings with the BBB, Trustpilot, and other professional rating sites and social media platforms. Here, you can buy gold and silver and have it shipped to your home or your chosen depository.


Goldco is another alternative to Acre Gold, though they currently do not offer any subscription service. Here, you will find gold costs favorable to investors. Goldco can help you set up a new IRA or rollover from your existing retirement account so you can start purchasing gold.

The company has positive ratings on most review sites and social media. They work to provide their customers with a customized experience to help them learn about how much gold costs and how they can fit it into their portfolio.

Augusta Precious Metals

You also have the option of choosing Augusta Precious Metals. They charge shipping and fulfillment fees but are reasonable and exceed industry standards.

Augusta Precious Metals offers a generous 7-day refund policy if you are unhappy with your gold purchases.

Augusta also offers free educational guides for customers. The company was started in 2012 by Isaac Nuriani.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group is another trustworthy gold dealer. The company was opened in 2003 by Laith Alsarraf, the acting CEO. Like the other companies, you can purchase outright and have them sent to your home or delivered directly to your chosen depository. The Birch Gold Group offers more than other options, making companies like Acre Gold worth less.

Birch Gold Group consistently offers promotions, such as up to $10,000 in free silver on qualified purchases. The company also offers a generous buyback program should its customers decide to cash in their precious metals.

Noble Gold Investments

Finally, we want to mention Noble Gold Investments in our top five list. If you read any gold reviews, you will often find them listed. Noble Gold Investments is another company specializing in gold IRA investments. The company was founded in 2016 by Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren.

The company has hundreds of positive reviews on all the major gold review sites. They have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and have been accredited since 2017. Noble Gold Investments offers a superior level of customer service.

In this Acre Gold review, we want to educate you on all the possibilities. Although many investors have been happy with Acre Gold's shipping and fulfillment costs when shipping gold, some are very unhappy, especially regarding the waiting time for the monthly subscription model and the lack of customer service.

Keep your options open and research carefully to choose the right company to help you purchase gold.

What Are the Advantages of Investing in Gold Through Acre Gold?

Whether you invest in Acre Digital gold or an Acre Gold subscription, there are advantages to investing in gold and silver. Once you receive your redeemed physical gold, secure safe storage to protect your investment, consider the following benefits of buying gold from Acre Gold's website.

-One of the top advantages of paying the Acre Gold membership fee and purchasing gold is that you can reduce market volatility's impact on your investment portfolio. You can buy fixed amounts over specific periods to mitigate the risks.

-The monthly subscription makes investing in gold much simpler and less stressful. There is no thinking. You pay the monthly subscription fee. When you reach your threshold, Acre Gold ships your selected gold bar.

-Subscriptions keep you disciplined in your investment strategy. Signing up for the subscription prevents you from making impulsive gold purchases that may not benefit your investments and future.

-The gold subscription is a cost-effective solution for those who may not have enough money to invest in outright purchases. There are multiple monthly subscription plans to choose from, so there is one for just about any budget.

Gold, in general, offers handsome rewards for investors. Buying a gold shipment as your budget allows offers the following benefits:

FAQ About Acre Gold

People have many questions about Acre Gold because this company is a fairly new kid on the block. We have compiled a list of our readers' most common questions about Acre Gold's services. We hope the answers to these questions will help you determine if Acre Gold is a good choice for your investment needs.

Acre Gold is not a good company for most investors. They offer a straightforward approach to investing in simple bars, but the California Attorney General's Office sued them in January of 2023 because they claim the company misled customers.
This does not mean Acre Gold is guilty of these accusations, but reading customer reviews proves many former customers believe they were misled.

The Acre subscription is worth the cost because you only pay a one-time $12 membership fee and can select subscription plans according to your budget, starting as low as $50 per month. Remember that the lower-cost plans will take longer to reach the set threshold.

You can sell Acre Gold as a private seller, to dealers, or even pawn shops, though you likely will never recoup your full investment in a pawn shop. Know the market value of gold before you attempt to sell, and make sure your bars are in prime condition with no damage before selling.

You can buy Acre Gold from the company's website. You have two options for buying gold. You can join their subscription service and pay a monthly fee until you reach your account threshold for the cost of your selected bar weight.
You can also buy outright purchases. No matter how you buy gold, you must pay the one-time monthly membership fee of $12.

Our Final Assessment of Acre Gold

We were excited when we learned about Acre Gold because we thought it was a promising option for those who want to get into buying gold but do not have a lot of cash. After all, you can get started for as low as $50 a month.

As we began to dig deep into the company's day-to-day operations, we were shocked to learn there are many skeletons in their closets. Many customers are unhappy, and there is even a current lawsuit from the California Attorney General's Office.

Although we like their unique approach to buying gold, we cannot, in good faith, recommend Acre Gold to our customers at this time. There are too many poor customer reviews and questionable business practices.

There are much better options for buying gold, such as American Hartford Gold, than Acre Gold offers. Please check them out and start diversifying your investments.

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