Read Our 7K Metals Review: Here's What You Should Know

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Last Updated: May 23, 2024

As we work to help our readers invest in precious metals, we have extensively researched precious metals companies. Today, we are here to share information on 7K Metals. Although they offer many promises, do they deliver, or is this company a scam?

With so many scams going on with each multi-level marketing company, we want to provide you with the bare facts and 100% transparency regarding this company. We do not want you to lose money on a pyramid scheme.

Once you finish reading our comprehensive 7K Metals review, you will be fully equipped to decide if this company suits your investment needs. Should you jump on board or let this ship sell? Is 7K Metals good or bad? Keep reading to find out!


What Kind of Company is 7K Metals?

This company is an MLM business that provides its members with discounted precious metals while helping them make money online. The company helps its members earn a multi-level income that results in some degree of passive income.

Many consider this type of company to be a business in a box. We are here to separate the facts from false and misleading statements.

The 7K Metals headquarters is located at:
3640 S. Yellowstone Highway
Idaho Falls, Idaho
The 7K metals customer service phone number is 208-314-2587.

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The Beginning of 7K Metals & Its Founders

This company got its start back in 2016. The company's founders are all marketing entrepreneurs who decided to dip their toes into the world of precious metals by offering members the tools they need to make wise investment decisions and create wealth.

Who Are the Founders of This Multi Level Marketing Company?

Before you learn about the company, you must know about the founders. The following provides information on the 7K Metals founders:

Zack Davis first started getting into marketing while in college. He has been operating Black Ink, an MLM company, since 2011, along with a fellow 7K Metals founder.

Roger Ball is also a founder. He owned JD Premium until 2015, when he closed his business and opened 7K Metals with his fellow partners. Roger Ball is also the owner of another company called Paycation.

Josh Anderson was the CEO of JD Premium before helping found 7K Metals. He also held the role of CMO for the company. Anderson has been working in marketing since he was only 21 years old.

Richard has been working in the network marketing industry for over 34 years. He is also an expert miner of precious metals and an avid collector. We encourage you to research each of these founders and learn about their backgrounds and what they stand for before you decide on this multi-level marketing business.

Advantages & Disadvantages of 7K Metals

We wouldn't be able to give you a genuinely factual review if we did not discuss the good and the bad. You need to know if the 7K MLM business model is legit or a waste of time. Read the following pros and cons to learn more about 7K Metals LLC:


The following are some of the primary advantages of 7k metals:


The following are some of the most noticeable disadvantages:

Complaints About 7K Metals

If you research BBB 7K Metals, you will quickly find the company has a solid rating of 4.14 out of 5. The 7K Metals pyramid scheme theory is a false one. At this time, the company has 63 customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.

If you read the customer reviews on 7K metals, you will find a mix ranging from glowing to scathing. People either love or hate the company, with very few people in the middle. Some people have reviewed the company and said it was the best investment opportunity, allowing them to succeed. Several customers gave 5-star reviews regarding their stream of passive income online and the compensation plan.

In our research, we did discover several recent complaints against the owners of 7K Metals. Some of the complaints revolved around the company scamming the inexperienced and elderly. One customer complained because she had asked for a refund within ten days, only to find out she had to submit a request within three.

In 7K Metals' defense, the owners respond to every complaint and seem to want to help. The company wants to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible. Overall, there are more positive customer reviews than negative ones. Unfortunately, some of the negatives are difficult to forget, making some people ask, “is 7K Metals legit?” We are still searching for an income disclosure statement.

What are the Membership Requirements for 7K Metals?

Before you consider joining any company, you must know the requirements and membership fees:

By meeting the requirements above and filling out the associate application, you can start the process of basic membership. Once approved, you will have the opportunity to decide on your membership package.

Membership Package Info & Cost

If you have researched any direct sales companies, you know they have different membership packages for making money. Below, we will discuss each package in detail to let you know which costs the most money and what you get with each membership package.

The standard membership fee is $199. You will receive the following with this membership package:
  1. You get a one-year membership.
  2. You will receive a buyer's certification so you can buy precious metals.
  3. You will also receive 7K Metals training.
  4. You receive members' direct pricing on all silver coins and other precious metals.
  5. You will receive a Travel Savings Card.
  6. Standard members get technology credits. You will receive three free months of tools to track your team. You receive a 7K website and trial access to the recruiting app. After the trial, it will cost you$10 a month.
  7. Standard members have access to opportunities that allow them to purchase low-mintage collectibles.
  8. You will also receive an uncirculated one-ounce silver coin.
The cost of this membership fee is $359. You will receive the following with this advanced membership package:
  1. You will receive a one-year membership to this MLM business.
  2. You will also receive buyer's certification.
  3. The plus membership gives you access to training.
  4. You will receive direct pricing on unlimited bullion purchases.
  5. You will receive a Standard Plus Travel Savings Card.
  6. You will receive six technology credits, including six free months of tracking tools to keep track of your team. You will also receive a website and access to the recruiting app. You will pay $10 a month once the trial is over.
  7. Plus members are given access to purchase low-mintage collectibles.
  8. You will receive an MS70 Gold Eagle coin.
At the time of this writing, the cost of the premium membership is $499. With this membership package, you will receive the following:
  1. You will receive a one-year membership.
  2. You will receive buyer's certification.
  3. Each premium membership entitles the member to train.
  4. You will receive members' direct pricing on unlimited bullion purchases.
  5. Premium members will also receive a Premium Plus Travel Savings Card.
  6. You receive 12 technology credits with a premium membership, which includes 12 months of tools to track your team and access to the recruiting app. After the twelve-month trial, you will pay $10 a month. You will also receive a website to operate your MLM company.
  7. Premium members will have access to purchase low-mintage collectibles.
  8. You will receive one silver bullion.
  9. You will receive ten business cards.
  10. Premium members also receive four wealth strategy books from this MLM company.

All MLM companies have payment plans. It would be best to learn about the MLM business models and how they compensate members. Learning this information will help you know how to make money online in a limited market. Can this plan give you financial security?

The company uses a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure means members are working to build two legs in their MLM downline. Every person you refer to making money will have to do the same if they want to achieve financial freedom.

Once you have accumulated 500 points in both legs, you will be called an associate. Once members become associates, they can make $500 checks weekly. You will continue earning money weekly if you accumulate at least 500 points weekly.

You will be in the copper level if you help two people become associates and add one more person to each leg. In the copper level, associates make $1,000 weekly checks. Making money seems enticing at this level, but is it possible?

Once you reach the bronze level, you will make $2,000 checks each week. To reach the bronze level, you must do all of the above and help both of your new people add two more people to their legs.

The following offers a breakdown of each level and its compensation of disposable income:

If you meet the president gold level, you could earn $650,000 per year. Looking at this list likely makes you want to jump on board. Who wouldn't want to make that kind of money? Unfortunately, making this money with the restricted point system is extremely difficult. While 7K Metals offers warm market prospecting, their goal is to sell memberships. Like most MLM companies, members must put in serious work and will likely never see any of the money listed above.

How Does the Compensation Plan Work for This MLM Business?

Does the Company Have Investment Minimums?

If you want to invest in precious metals or sell them without earning potential, you must purchase under a referrer or a 7K metals associate. Once you are referred, you must invest at least $250 a year. You will have to pay $75 upfront when buying from this precious metals dealer.

How Does 7K Metals Work?

We have already given you tons of information on the company and 7K Metals com. You can peruse the offerings of 7K, but you must enter a referrer's name before being allowed to check out.

If you want to purchase from 7K Metal and do not have a referrer, you can email customer support at What is most frustrating about emailing 7KMetals is that it can take days to receive a reply.

If you decide to become a member of this private safe company, purchasing gold bars and coins will be lower because you will get members' pricing for the precious metal. You will have to determine if membership is worth the cost based on how often you plan on purchasing precious metals like gold bars.

What About the 7K Metals Products?

Will you lose money by purchasing precious metals from 7K Metals? This network marketing company offers many products, but the inventory is sometimes sold out for certain items, especially the most inexpensive precious metals.

Although most people searching for this network marketing company are more interested in the money they can make, you may be interested in how the company will sell precious metals. The following are some of the products you can purchase from 7K Metals:

How Do You Make Money with 7K Metals?

You are likely here to learn about 7K Metals (a multi-level marketing company) because you want to make money. If you are familiar with MLM companies, you know associates make money from the residual income accumulated from your downline sales.

These companies, including 7K Metals, offer products with a considerable markup. What is confusing is that 7K Metals promises the best prices. Many say the company promises dealer prices if you read 7K Metals reviews.

How will people make any money if the prices are truly that low? By now, you are likely thinking the same things we were when researching this multi-level income opportunity. Is the 7K wealth system really what it says it is?

How would anyone make thousands of dollars each week by selling 7K gold? Although we know this is not a pyramid scheme, the fact that the 7K metals compensation plan pdf seems unreachable is concerning.

What Is the Coin-of-the-Month Membership?

If you want to make those big weekly checks with 7K Metals wealth strategies, you must join the Autosave Program. You have three options for this program:

If you have ever researched the prices of precious metal coins, you likely see the prices above are on the expensive side. The 7K Metals coin of the month does help you with your upline. As you begin to sponsor new people, their purchases will also pay you.

There are mixed reactions to this membership requirement. When you read 7K Metals complaints, some people say they do not like purchasing these high-priced coin options each month.

Do People Make Money From This Precious Metals Company?

As you can see from our presented information, 7K Metals has a solid compensation plan. We like the payout numbers, but is anyone even making this money, or is it all a pipe dream? Each product you sell helps you with a payout based on the points you earn. The bad thing is that you only earn 20 points with each sale from this precious metal company. It does not matter how large the sale is; you still only make 20 points.

We have informed you that it takes 500 points to become an associate on the lowest payout. You will be hard-pressed to make a dime unless you can recruit many people to this precious metal company.

We have searched the Internet for proof of any earnings in this very limited market. You are essentially a small business owner struggling to make money with this top private safe company. You would think there would be proof of big checks in such a competitive industry. We will keep looking.

Did you know most people lose money when participating in MLM companies? While this company is not a pyramid scheme, we are greatly concerned that it presents a problem because MLM members lose money regularly. Even at the basic membership level, we do not see it feasible to keep making $500 checks weekly.

Even with the world's leading distribution outlets, how can anyone make money with such point restrictions? This structure will set the stakes against you even if you own a business. How could anyone make more money with this company?

Is 7K Metals a Scam?

Many people think there is a 7K Metals scam, but we beg to differ. We cannot label this company as a scam, but we do have concerns. This network marketing company needs to answer the question regarding how they can offer dealer prices and pay associates.

If you want to be successful at network marketing, you will have to consistently work from the very beginning, just like with other metals companies. You are not going to make money from selling a few silver bars.

Owning a successful business takes work. While we are not the ones to shrug off work, this opportunity requires too much. Seven K Metals will require you to work for months, and you will be lucky to make a check for $50. When you read Next Step reviews, this is one of the most pressing complaints.

One thing that sets 7K Metals apart from other MLMs is that they have products people actually want to purchase. While they may not fully deliver on their promises, they are not a scam.

Is This Company One of Those Pyramid Schemes?

Although an MLM company is difficult to make money with, that does not make it a pyramid scheme. So, is 7K Metals a pyramid scheme? The answer to this question is no.

The 7K Metals MLM is not like Metabolife or Koscot Interplanetary. Members are buying precious metals from this company and saving money on their investments. Even the Sound Money Wallet offers promises, but there is much more members have to do than sell gold. What is the official definition of a pyramid scheme? This is something you need to know before judging 7K Metals.

Pyramid schemes are business models that promise increased earnings for each person enrolled in the business. These companies do not sell any products or services. After looking at the definition above and reading the 7K Metals comp plan, we can definitely say businesses like 7K Metals do not match the definition of a pyramid scheme. They sell products. While they are not a scheme, they focus more on selling memberships than products, which is concerning. Read Success 7K reviews to see why we are concerned.

What About the App?

After learning about the 7K Metals membership cost and choosing a package, you can access the app. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.
With this app, you can obtain discounts on both national and local businesses. All you have to do is show the coupon, and you can save money. The app offers an interactive map that makes it easy to find good deals with 7K money.

The app says it will save members up to 50% on shopping, dining, travel, and much more. At the time of this writing, the 7K Gold and Silver app has a rating of 4.7 stars.

What Should You Know About the 7K Sound Money Wallet?

You may have heard of the Sound Money Wallet and wondered what it is and how it works. When reading NextStep reviews, there are many mentions of the wallet. What is the 7K wallet?

This wallet performs as a digital access point. It allows members to buy whole or fractional precious metal pieces. When purchasing fractional pieces, you must wait until you have obtained a whole piece for shipping.

With the Sound Money Wallet, you can purchase the following:

Unfortunately, this wallet does have some limitations. Members can only purchase one-ounce silver eagle coins and 1/10-ounce gold eagle coins. There are many more 7K coins, so why the limitations?

Who Should Go For 7K Metals?

You now know how 7K Metal works. Now, you need to know who this opportunity is best for and why. Before telling you who this company is best for, you need to learn about a presentation by 7K Metals MLM. Even Bob Reid, 7K Metals, has said the same.

To earn money with the company, you will share the 7K Metals MLM with at least five people daily, five days a week. You must talk to up to 25 people weekly and 100 monthly. Do you know enough people to present the 7K Metals MLM?

While knowing how much a 7k metals membership is essential, we were most concerned with the presentation information we just mentioned. Is 7K Metals a good investment? Have you ever been forced to talk to everyone about a business venture? Do you realize how tired it makes friends and family and how they start to hate to see you coming?

You will have to become your own business. As Tony Hubbard, 7K Metals, says, “You have to eat, live, and breathe it.” Do you know a lot of people? Could you eventually run out of people to present the 7K Metals MLM to?

This company is best for highly motivated people. You will not do well with the 7K Metals MLM if you are not a go-getter. If you want to learn 7K Metals and how to make money, it will be all about talking ad nauseam about the company to everyone you come across. Are you so excited about the 7K Metals IRA that you can stomach it?

The company does offer members the following:

Have There Been Lawsuits?

If you are worried about a 7K Metals lawsuit, you need not worry. We could not find any information on any lawsuits or evidence that any founders were involved in any illegal activities. The vast majority of reviews are positive.

If you read about 7K Metals today, you will not find any damning news articles. Though people are unhappy with the 7K Metals coin drop, no major complaints have been filed. People even like the 7K Metals app.

Is 7K Metals worth it? In our opinion, the answer is no. Although many people respect the opinions of Todd Collins, 7K Metals, and Vick Strizheus, 7K Metals, and they have positive things to say about the company, we do not necessarily agree.

Our Final Thoughts on 7K Metals Benefits

Although the cost of the 7K Metals Coin of the Month is staggering, there are more significant concerns. As with all our company reviews, we provide facts and unbiased information. Although 7K Metals does not appear to be a scam or scheme, we cannot recommend them. They are a legit company, but their compensation structure could be much better. Even though we have verified they are not a scam, they present a scammy feel. We feel there are much better companies with better compensation for members.

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